Brief description of Traditional Arancini

The arancino is considered to be the product of rotisserie most characteristic of Sicily region
known and sold around the world. The name is derived from the spherical shape and color that
make it similar to an orange.

They come in large rice balls, stuffed traditionally with a special meat sauce, then breaded and fried.
You can count about 100 variants those that are most common in Sicily with meat sauce, the butter (with mozzarella, ham and, sometimes, white sauce) and spinach (also topped with mozzarella), and again “the norm “(with eggplant, also
known as” the Catania “) and Bronte pistachio.

The arancino has been officially recognized and included in the list of traditional Italian food products (PAT). It is so famous that Andrea Camilleri gave this name to one of his first collection of short stories: “The Montalbano’s arancini” with protagonist commissioner Salvo Montalbano.

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  1. Mirta

    Michael,Thank you for such a well told story and for sharing it. Some sweet mermoies brought up of my grandma reading this. Not too sweet though. The other side of her was pretty salty. No one messed with Ruth! Insufferably practical and marvelously intimidating. So true.Can not wait to try the recipe. It looks brilliant! Oh my, I can smell it already. Off to bed dreaming of arancini.

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